About our school

Located approximately 25 kms from the nearest main town of Mt Gambier and Millicent, our primary school is a small school with excellent facilities and a strong parent and community focus.

We provide high-quality education and build supportive relationships to help students achieve their goals.

Our school offers:

  • Individual academic support from high-quality teaching staff.
  • A healthy lifestyle program through physical education and healthy eating initiatives.
  • Japanese as a second language provided by Open Access College.
  • Excellent facilities, including a large oval, two playgrounds and undercover play area.
  • A digital focus to our teaching with state-of-the-art resources.
  • An environmental and sustainability focus.

At our school, students learn and grow in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Our History

Glencoe Central Primary School was first opened on September 11th 1972 as a replacement school for the Glencoe East and Glencoe West Primary Schools as both schools were in need of major repairs.

At that time, Glencoe was two separate communities and after much consultation, a decision was made to build a school between the two, hence the name Glencoe Central Primary School.

When the school first opened it started with 100 students. Over its 50 years the enrolments at one time reached 132 and with various changes over the years the lowest enrolment was 41 (Reception to Year 7).

In 2012, Glencoe Kindergarten moved onsite to co-locate with the school.

With the Year 7 students now transitioned to high school our school currently have 44 students in three classes with Reception through to Year 6.  School enrolments have remained steady over a number of years.

Our vision

At Glencoe Central Primary School, our core business is to improve the learning outcomes for every student. We will develop our students to become confident and resilient learners with high levels of literacy, numeracy and critical thinking, as well as the initiative to strive for continual improvement.

They will develop the dispositions necessary to participate in a sustainable future in order to be successful citizens in a changing world.

Our values

  • Respect – Actively showing care and concern for others, the school community and learning (Feelings, wishes and rights).
  • Responsibility – Actively being accountable for learning, property and my actions.
  • Kindness – Being selfless, caring, compassionate, and unconditionally kind through our actions towards ourselves and others.